Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Just Don't Even Want to Be Here

I didn't really want to run today.  I'd had my highest running mileage week after the past week, including 8 miles two days ago.  And, as we all learn through training, sometimes the second day after a run leaves you more sore than the immediate day after the run.

So I was not in the mood to run but had committed to training partner Sarah to run, plus needed a few miles to keep my mileage up generally.  A half hour before the run I looked up the weather (39 degrees, brrr) and put on my running tights and other gear.  15 minutes before the run, she texted me that she had to cancel.  Aw, man!

I spent the next half hour grumbling to my husband comments the likes of "I don't even want to run today, but I'm already dressed, I really ought to go".  Finally decided to go but drove one neighborhood over for a change of scenery on a small stretch of trail I rarely run.  I got out of the car and still didn't want to be there. 

Although I was sore and probably should have taken it a easy, I went ahead and did some speedwork but low mileage.  I did 2 miles only with speedwork at half-mile repeats with 1 1/2 minutes recovery inbetween.  (and I promise lots of stretching and ice the rest of the day!!!)

The best part was seeing the splits for the three segments of half-mile speedwork - I didn't look at the Garmin except to occasionally glance at current pace to make sure I wasn't slowing down and just ran hard.  Splits for the three half-miles ended up being all within.5 seconds for a half-mile!  Woo hoo! 

I tend to judge a run's difficulty by three components: legs (how sore, tight, tired), heart (cardio intensity), and lungs (difficulty talking on the run, gasping for breath, etc.).  This one surprised me that my legs and heart actually felt pretty good, but in terms of my respiratory strength, still gotta get stronger there.  Someday a 9:30 mile will be mine!  And then hopefully with enough training, someday a 9:30 pace half marathon will also be mine. :-)

First half-mile: 9:26 pace
1 1/2 min. walk: 17:11 pace
Second half-mile: 9:28 pace
1 1/2 min. walk: 15:02 pace
Third half-mile: 9:36 pace
2 minute walk: 18:43 pace
Easy jog back to car for 0.23 miles: 11:54 pace

Total: 2 miles at a 10:53 pace

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  1. Good job! Whenever I don't want to get out there, I remind myself, I've never regretted getting out and doing a run once I've finished. But there are days that I've regretted not getting out there.