Monday, January 11, 2010

A Race Shirt I Guarantee No One Else in the World Has

Friday I went for a run in the evening and wanted to be warm.  I had just found a shirt I had been storing for years and had just washed the other day for the first time, so I thought I would wear it.  It was a nostalgic moment for me because it was a shirt that had some history...

In 2007, I had just become the President of the Dallas Running Club and it was also the first year that I was the Co-Race Director of the DRC Half Marathon with Paula Robertson, my very good friend who I work with on the non-profit Heels and Hills now.  Sublimation was a trend going on with shirts at the time, you take a panel of a shirt and they take white fabric and basically dye both the foreground image and the background shirt color INTO the fabric.  I worked with a vendor early in the year to give it a try and I just wasn't 100% in love with the production sample we ended up having created.  The sublimated logo was just a little less crisp than you want the image to be and the yellow of the shirt wasn't the greatest match to the yellow in the race logo.  Still, I kept that production sample, because it was a good shirt.

So last night, 2 years and a few months after the fact, I wore the shirt for the first time.  And it was kinda cool to be out running around in what truly was a one-of-a-kind!

Pic of me after the run in my "special" shirt


  1. Libby, you are an inspiration! Can't wait to meet you in person :)

  2. Ha, J, maybe I should have had a few extras made for friends? :-) Melissa, thank you so much for the compliment. I can't wait to meet you too!