Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Mixture of Emotions as Houston Looms Large on Sunday

This is a weird week for me as my change in training is taking a strong hold on me and throwing me for a loop all at the same time!

Previous training was: Run lightly.  Typically 10-12 miles a week.  Speedwork and faster runs to get me faster for my half marathon pace.  Take race weeks off and run halfs a little under one a month on average.  PRed 5 of 8 half marathon in '09.

New training is: Mo' miles to build endurance and help get my half marathon pace faster.  Going to 20-25 miles a week (defined big picture style as the goal of 500 mi by 6/30).  Run a large amount of half marathons this spring, about 7 or 8, including back-to-back weekends the next 3 weekends.  This will help my half marathon endurance as I cement a base of 13 miles on my legs.  Don't race EVERY half, just race the good days! 

Given this, I am spending this week before the Aramco Houston Half Marathon this Sunday, January 17, with the following feelings:
  1. I'm tired!  My legs are tired.  To put it in perspective, until 3 weeks ago, my average weekly mileage for November and early December was 12 miles, and November was a high mileage month for me and I ran 2 half marathons during that time!  The last three weeks were 16.7, 17.3, 20.3.  Definite mileage increase!  And I'm already at 7.3 miles 3 days into this week!  Typical pre-race routine in the past was to hardly run, if at all, during race week.
  2. I'm sore! Sports chiropractor checked me over yesterday, nothing feels injured to me, and we've agreed it's "good sore", not "bad sore".  Again, I've never done 13.1 miles whether just a run or a race with midweek thoughts of being sore.  It's mentally a little scary.  How do you think about your Sunday race when you are sore all over?  Messes with the brain!!!
  3. I'm itching for speedwork or at least faster running!  These have been slower easier miles the past week because of the increase in total miles.  I don't do EASY RUN well.  So I've had to completely change my thinking.  Yesterday was the first day I really started to have that feeling... made me feel like an episode of "Intervention"... "I just need a little fast running, c'mon, just a little to get me through."
  4. I'm excited!  Last year, I assisted the head of Public Relations during the event which was a ton of fun, I learned a lot, and got to be there at the official press conference and interact with the winners.  Too cool.  But it was kinda sad not to get to participate!  So I signed up within 12 hours of registration opening back in July.  This will be my first time to run Houston!
  5. I'm not throwing the idea of setting a new personal record (PR) at Houston out yet.  After #1, #2, and #3 above, this is the one that mentally ninjas my brain the most.  Who would go into a race with those mentally and physically draining conditions and try to set a new personal record?  Well, I didn't say I'm going to try to PR.  I'm just not abandoning the idea of PRing.  I will toe that start line (well as much as you can toe it from way in the back of the corral!), see how the weather is, how I'm feeling, and then decide.  Maybe it won't be the right day, but who knows?  Maybe it will be!
So as a gal who is entering unfamiliar territory in her training and racing and who is a bundle of emotions, forgive me this week.  I'm readjusting to my new goals!

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